Sterile Surgical Bone Wax (Local Hemostasis)

Surgical bone wax is mixture of beeswax, hard paraffin wax and Isopropyl palmitate. It is opaque and has a waxy odour. It is available in individual foils of 2.5g and sterilized by Gamma radiation. Packet should be open just prior to surgery to minimize the possibility of contamination and excessive drying and should be used immediately.


Bone wax is indicated for use in the control of bleeding from bone surfaces during the surgical procedures that involve cutting through bones like sternotomy, thoracic, neurosurgery, orthopedic and maxillofacial surgeries.

  • Propiedades:  Surgical bone wax is bio-chemically inert, partially absorbable. It is sterilized by Gamma radiation.
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MaterialesCombination of beeswax, hard paraffin wax and Isopropyl palmitate.
AbsorciónPartially Absorbable
EsterilizaciónGamma Radiation
Vida útil5 años
EmbalajeEn envases de papel de aluminio
EmbalajePacked in 12?s pieces per box as per the requirement.
Número de licencia de fabricaciónMFG/MD/2020/000109