Bone Wax Description

HAEMOWAX – Sterile Bone Wax

Bone Wax is a mixture of beeswax, paraffin, and isopropyl palmitate, a wax-softening agent. It is opaque and has a waxy odor. It’s indicated for use in control of bleeding from bone surfaces.

It’s achieves local homeostasis of bone by acting as a mechanical (tamponade) barrier. It does not act biochemically and is non absorb-able. Its available sterile in individual foil envelopes, each containing 2.5 gm and packaged in an individually sealed over wrap packet. Surgical wax is sterilized by Gamma radiation.

It is use to control local bleeding from bone surfaces by creating a mechanical (tamponade) barrier. Wax supplied sterile in 2.5 gram foil envelopes with sealed over wrap.

Packets should be opened just prior to use to minimize the possibility of contamination and excessive drying and should be used immediately. The Surgical Wax should not be re-sterilized or subjected to excessive heat.

MaterialBeeswax & Isopropyl Palmitate
AbsorptionMinimally resorbable
SterilizationGamma Radiation
Product Characteristics Helps local haemostasis by functioning like a mechanical barrier & is biochemically inert
PackagingIn aluminum foil packages
MFG. LIC NoKTK/28/415/2013
Bone Wax
Bone Wax