Cervical Cerclage Tape with Drilled End Needle

Unibond Polyester Tape – Cervical Cerclage Tape is the most widely used suture type for cervical cerclage due to its high strength, resistance to breakage and ease of removal

The tape is made of white (undyed) flat woven polyester (polyethylene terephthalate) with the chemical formula (C10H8O4)n. It boasts high strength, resistance to breakage, and ease of removal.

Cerclage, a widely performed surgical procedure, aims to provide mechanical support to the cervix by placing suture material, thereby preventing cervical shortening and opening, consequently reducing the risk of preterm birth (PTB).


Polyester Tape suture is indicated for use in cervical cerclage and also called a cervical stitch operation. The cervix is the mouth or entry point of the uterus which extends into the vagina. It is advised in cases where a woman may have a previous second-trimester pregnancy loss or some procedure done on the cervix earlier leading to weakness of the cervix. This weakness may lead to a lax birth passage through which a premature baby can slip out accidentally, causing a miscarriage or premature birth.

UNIBOND - Polyester Tape Suture 6


Used in cervical cerclage procedures to prevent premature dilation of the cervix during pregnancy.

Recommended for women with a history of cervical insufficiency or preterm birth.


  • Best abrasion and tear resistance
  • Good thermal properties
  • Excellent water 
  • Chemical resistance.

Stockage: Below 30°C & away from sunlight

Code No. Sutures Needle Description
RS 21S 5 mm 45 cm 1/2 circle Round bodied 65mm Heavy Double arm Needle

Polyester tape can be customized and manufactured according to customer requirements.

Ninja Column 1Ninja Column 2
Type of absorption:Suture chirurgicale non absorbable
Width: 5 mm
Packaging: In food grade folder packed in a medical grade pouch
StérilisationEO (oxyde d'éthylène)
Durée de conservation5 années
Caractéristiques du produitBest abrasion and tear resistance, good thermal properties, excellent water and chemical resistance.
MFG. LIC No MFG/MD/2020/000109 OEM. LIC No: N. Code: KA/DEVICE/MFG/MD/2020/000109