Plain Catgut Suture (Experience Met Energy)

Plain catgut Suture is a fast absorbing surgical gut suture made from a strand of collagenous material prepared from the submucosal layers of the small intestine of healthy sheep. Fast absorbing surgical gut sutures are sterile and elicit only a slight to minimal tissue reaction during absorption.

In-house needle manufacturing provides you the better needles with optimum sharpness which finally delivers smooth riding on tissues during suturing.

catgut Suture available sizes: 3 to 5-0

Indications of Plain Catgut Suture

Plain Catgut Suture is fast absorbing and intended for dermal (skin) suturing only. They should be utilized only for external knot tying procedures.

Best Used By:

  • General Surgeons
  • Gynaecologists
  • Orthopaedics

Ultimate Suture for:

  • Uterus Closure (Chromic UNIGUT)
  • Episiotomy Repair (Plain UNIGUT)
  • Soft Tissues approximation (Chromic UNIGUT)
  • Fast healing tissues/ Muscles (Plain UNIGUT)
CharacteristicsAbsorbable Surgical Suture
MaterialCatgut Plain
AbsorptionPlain Catgut Suture Absorption takes place due to enzymatic reaction in 65 days.
StrengthTensile strength is retained for 7 – 14 days.
USP Range4/0 – 2
SterilizationEO (Ethylene Oxide)
Product CharacteristicsExcellent tensile strength, Excellent knot tying,
Minimum tissue reaction.
PackagingIn aluminum foil packages with or without needle
Needle TypeRound bodied, cutting edge, taper point, straight,
blunt point
MFG. LIC NoKTK/28/415/2013
Plain Catgut Suture
Plain Catgut Suture
  • N 4259,
  • N 4242,
  • N 4241,
  • N 4226,
  • N 4277,
  • N 4275,
  • S 2215,
  • S 2214,
  • S 2255,
  • S 2254