Unisur Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. Established in the year 2011, we have made our mark in the domain of manufacturing, supplying and exporting all kinds of sterile and non-sterile Surgical Sutures, Hernia Mesh and Bone Wax. Our products are a cut above the rest due to their non-reactive nature, cost-effectiveness and great strength.

We manufacture “Surgical Suture, Hernia Mesh & Bone Wax” which cater to a wide range of surgeries varying from urology, ophthalmology, gynecology, orthopedics, neurology, laparoscopy, wound care, and cardiac care. Our sutures invariably conform to the standards of United States Pharmacopoeia, better known as USP.

Our MFG. LIC No: KTK/28/415/2013, KTK/28/441/2016, KTK/25/621/2013

In Unisur Lifecare we understand that a company is much more than an economic entity for profit. We are a company that manufactures Surgical Sutures, Hernia Mesh and Bone Wax to improve people’s quality of life. Our suture plant is recognized globally for product quality and the development of technology for the manufacture of needles, made unprecedented in the region.

The great teamwork is one of the most effective ways to achieve goals or objectives, especially when it comes to consolidating the foundations of a company. Our team has great involvement in this noble task and feels linked to the company much more than by a contractual relationship.

Each individual within an organization has different skills and talents. When those characteristics come together and complement each other, the objectives will be easier to achieve.

We are aware that there is an interdependence of all factors and we try to ensure that our economic activity has the least possible impact on the environment.

We know that we are a part of a whole, so we maintain a relationship of intimate collaboration with our distributors and suppliers and try to be responsible with our social environment, understanding the applicable laws as a starting point to overcome, cooperating with social agents and always maintaining a ethical attitude since we understand that ethics is not only a moral attitude but also the basis of any social and economic development.

Years in of Experience
Present over in 38 Countries
Dozens Production in Year 2019
About Us
  • Satisfy the needs and expectations of private or public health centers and health professionals, through the quality of their products and services.
  • Satisfaction of our workers, guaranteeing safe working conditions, stable job position, adequate remuneration at their professional level and expectations as well as close and respectful dialogue and treatment as members of a team.
  • Protection of the environment through the efficient use of resources, the prevention of pollution and the reduction of waste and discharges and the training and involvement of personnel in these matters.
  • Establish ethical and social responsibility behaviors in their activities and in their commitments made with our stakeholders as a result of permanent dialogue.
  • For this, it has perfectly equipped facilities and a qualified technical and human team, with a desire to improve, committed to the management of total quality in the organization.

Quality Sutures define us. We not only supply products, we supply Happiness.

Sl. No Country Type of Customer
1 Australia Exporter
2 Bangladesh Distributors
3 Burma (Myanmar) Distributors
4 Ethiopia Distributors
5 Gabon Distributors
6 Georgia Distributors
7 Germany Distributors
8 Greece Distributors
9 Iran Exporter from India And Distributor from Iran
10 Kenya Distributors
11 Malawi Distributors
12 Malaysia Surgeons
13 Morocco Exporter from India
14 Namibia Distributor
15 Nepal Distributors
16 New Zealand Exporter from India
17 Nigeria Distributors
18 Oman Hospital
19 Poland Distributors
20 Romania Distributors
21 Senegal Distributors
22 South Africa Distributors
23 Sri Lanka Distributors
24 Niger Distributors
25 Turkey Distributors
26 Togo Exporter from India
27 Vietnam Distributors
28 Ghana Distributors
29 Sudan Distributors
30 Zambia Distributors
31 Uganda Distributors
32 UAE Distributors
33 Libya Distributors
34 Saudi Arabia Distributors
35 Thailand Manufacturer
  1. Vijayawada
  2. Lucknow
  3. Chandigarh

Please send your updated resume at support@universalsutures.com for any vacancies related queries.

  1. Arab Health
  2. Medica
  3. Hospitalar

For this you can make ISO 13485 & CE from Slovakian Notified Body – 3EC International, Slovakia.