Quality Products

All our products are cut above the rest due to competitive price, shelf life and top quality.

The Great Team

At Universal Sutures each individual has different skills, stable job position, abilities and talent.

Our Goal

Our goal in Universal Sutures is to offer your company the ability to expand into new markets.

OEM Solutions

By associating with Universal Sutures a customer can get benefit from our OEM Sutures service.

About Us!

About Us!

Universal Sutures is one of the forefront Surgical Sutures Manufacturing Company in India, focused on the design, development, manufacturing, supply, and export of Medical Suture, Hernia Mesh, and Bone Wax across the globe. Our advanced and flexible manufacturing techniques deliver a high-quality products, customizes products to suit OEM / OBL Sutures requirements, and value appearance and packaging.

Specific to mention are our AISI 302 series premium quality needles with specialized crimping for less trauma. Polypropylene mesh we can supply in more than 10 different patterns and designs.

We manufactures different varieties of Polypropylene Mesh for Hernia Repair. These meshes are supplied to various clients across the globe both in sterile and nonsterile bulk form. Standard sizes for supply of mesh are 6cm X 11cm, 7.5cm X 15cm, 10cm X 15cm, 15cm X 15cm and 30cm X 30cm.

Customized sizes are also available. Nonsterile meshes can be supplied in cut pieces of any dimension, large sheets of 32cm X 32cm till 50cm X 50cm and rolls of 32cm X 50 meters or 50cm X 50 meters.



Any surgical suture-needle combination and all sutures comply with international standards which are at least 1.1 times the USP standards for tensile strength & needle pull.


All surgical sutures are attached to drilled end ribbed needles for better grip in the needle holder during surgery. At Unisur Lifecare, we provide supreme quality products for all markets, with the right kind of packaging and at the same time ensuring that we provide at competitive prices resulting in a win-win situation.


We have world-class packaging equipment and always obey sophisticated processes designed and operated by our experienced, competent and devoted staff.

Our Certification

We are an ISO 13485-2016, WHO GMP, and CE Certified Surgical Sutures Manufacturer in India.

Universal Sutures Is The Surgeon's Choice For Secure & Safe Wound Closure!

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Our Product Range

We, Not Only Supply Products, We Supply Happiness.

Products Quality

We are committed to the manufacturing and commercialization of surgical sutures that comply with the regulations and satisfy the needs of our clients, through a quality management system.

Brilliant Team

Each team member in our organization has different skills and talents. When those characteristics come together and complement each other, the objectives will be easier to achieve.

Safe working conditions

Universal Sutures has implemented a system of occupational safety and health management in accordance with Standard ISO 13485 for Sutures Manufacturing Process.

No to child labor

In no case will people under 16 be hired, they will not be able to perform night, dangerous, denigrating, or insecure jobs. Education and professional development should be favored.

OEM Solutions

By associating with Universal Sutures a customer can get benefit from our OEM / Contract Manufacturing Sutures Solutions. Our joint approach offers you effective enhanced processes, increased revenue generation, opportunities to expand your portfolio.

We Always Believe in Principles!

Satisfy the needs and expectations of private or public health centers and health professionals, through quality sutures manufacturing products and services.

We, not only supply products, but we also provide a solution. If any client is interested in setting up a Surgical Sutures manufacturing facility, we provide a complete turnkey solution. Our customer service and technical support are always available wherever your product is registered.

To stay afloat and thrive in the increasingly competitive market of Surgical Suture Manufacturers, your brand and customized products must offer the best solution to end-users. By working with Universal Sutures, our OEM capabilities allow us to design, develop, and manufacture virtually any type of Sutures, Polypropelene Surgical Mesh, and Bone Wax.

Our goal in Universal Sutures is to offer your company the ability to expand into new markets and generate more potential inquiries. Our success depends on your success. By working with Universal Sutures you have a capable and dedicated global partner whose mission is to help you succeed.


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