Unisur Lifecare Team 1

(Finance and Operations)

Mr. Nandakishore L has been an integral part of Unisur Lifecare, holding the position of Director of Finance and Operations.

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Unisur Lifecare Team 2

(Quality and Regulatory)

Avinash responsibility to ensure that all the products & services provided by company meet the highest quality standards.

Unisur Lifecare Team 3

(Indian Exporter and Mesh in Bulk)

Jancy have extensive knowledge of company operations, processes and ability to manage prioritize tasks, and meet goals.

Unisur Lifecare Team 4
AVBM Krishna

(Domestics Marketing)

Responsible for the development & implementation of marketing campaigns that generate awareness for Unisur Lifecare.

Unisur Lifecare Team 5
Kumare Gowda

Senior Executive
(Institutional Marketing)

Responsible for the development, execution, retention, revenue of marketing strategies and campaigns across all platforms.