Monofilament Polypropylene Mesh (UNILENE) 1

Monofilament Polypropylene Mesh For Hernia Repair (Undyed)

Non Absorbable Sterile Surgical Mesh

Polypropylene Mesh is made from high quality monofilament polypropylene sutures, it is non absorbable and provide permanent support. The material does not degrade or weakens by the action of tissue enzymes.  It is biologically inert, gives strong support for indefinite periods. It as an excellent multidirectional mechanical properties that helps to obtain the desired surgical result with maximum patient comfort.

Indications of Polypropylene Mesh:

Polypropylene Mesh are mainly used in Hernia repair, our precision laser cutting technology ensures that there are no frayed edges. Polypropylene Mesh are not only smooth and strong, but they also thin and flexible. Hernia mesh can be used in both tension free and laparoscopic tension free hernia repairs. It can also be used for surgical procedures, Urinary incontinence sling, pelvic floor reconstruction, tissue carrier, vaginal prolapse suspension.

  • Properties:  Light weight, biologically inert, Stable and Superior performance.

We are a polypropylene mesh manufacturer and supplier in India and supply nonsterile surgical mesh for Hernia repair in bulk to most of the Indian as well as international suture manufacturers as per requested length and width. We have mesh in various thickness, knitting patterns, shapes, dimensions, pore sizes and Bursting strength.

We also have pre-shaped mesh, flower mesh and Tsling mesh. We can manufacture any type and shape of surgical mesh as desired. We can even supply mesh in rolls with a maximum width of 32cms and a maximum length of 25 meters. We also have customized hernia kit as per the requirement.

Code No.TypeDimensionUOM
UM 0611Regular6cm X 11cm6units / Box
UM 0815Regular8cm X 15cm6units / Box
UM 1015Regular10cm X 15cm3units / Box
UM 1515Regular15cm X 15cm3units / Box
UM 1530Regular15cm X 30cm1units / Box
UM 3030Regular30cm X 30cm1units / Box
US 0611Soft6cm X 11cm6units / Box
US 0815Soft8cm X 15cm6units / Box
US 1015Soft10cm X 15cm3units / Box
US 1515Soft15cm X 15cm3units / Box
US 1530Soft15cm X 30cm1units / Box
US 3030Soft30cm X 30cm1units / Box
UL 0611Large Pores6cm X 11cm6units / Box
UL 0815Large Pores8cm X 15cm6units / Box
UL 1015Large Pores10cm X 15cm3units / Box
UL 1515Large Pores15cm X 15cm3units / Box
UL 1530Large Pores15cm X 30cm1units / Box
UL 3030Large Pores30cm X 30cm1units / Box
Ninja Column 1Ninja Column 2
MaterialMonofilament polypropylene
SterilizationEO (Ethylene Oxide)
Shelf Life5 Years
PackagingTyvek and medical grade pouch
PackagingDouble packed in Tyvek and medical grade pouch for sterilized mesh, packed in polyethylene bags for non-sterile mesh-Bulk packing.
MFG. LIC NoMFG/MD/2020/000109