OEM Sutures (Private Label & Contract Manufacturing)

By associating with Universal Sutures a customer can get benefit from our OEM Sutures service. Our joint approach offers you effective enhanced processes, increased revenue generation, opportunities to expand your portfolio and the best protection for your brand, as well as the opportunity to demonstrate innovation and increase your brand’s reputation in the Sutures Market.

OEM full-service solutions. Superior personalized products.
  • Design and development of products
  • Quality control and compliance with regulations
  • Manufacturing specifically to customer’s need
  • Packaging and sterilization with customer specific description
  • Dispatch of orders to destinations across the globe and flexible distribution options of EXW, FOB, C&F and CIF.
  • Various payment options of Advance Wire Transfer, LC & DAP (Conditions Apply).
  • Technical support:
  • Complete artwork designing
  • Product identification
  • Packing identification
  • Documentation support including ISO, OBL CE and registration with the destination country MOH.
  • Project management
We are able to manufacture the following products under OEM (Your company brand name)
Why us for your OEM Partner?
  • With Universal Sutures OEM Services, you will get the comprehensive and ready-to-use solution, you can concentrate on your core business and reduce your operating expenses while saving time, resources and costs.
  • We Can Update your existing designs or can also develop entirely new products according to your needs. Our specialization in custom sutures design and development allows us to offer a solid and varied product line for the clients.
  • At Universal Sutures we are your OEM Sutures manufacturer (OEM) and your trusted business partner. That means that we are your source of sterile surgical sutures, non-sterile surgical sutures, surgical sutures raw material, surgical sutures packing materials and surgical sutures manufacturing solutions, while offering you a unique service approach that helps protect your brand, improve your revenue generation and expand your portfolio.
  • We offer dedicated staff and facilities and procedures with ISO 13485 & CE Certification certification to ensure that our practices and products always comply with international standards and regulations.
  • We not only supply product, we also provide solution. If any client is interested in setting up a Surgical Sutures manufacturing facility, we provide a complete turn key solution. Our customer service and technical support always available wherever your product is registered.
  • To stay afloat and thrive in the increasingly competitive market of Surgical Sutures, your brand and customized products must offer a best solution to end users. By working with Universal Sutures, our OEM capabilities allow us to design, develop and manufacture virtually any type of Sutures, Mesh and Bone Wax.
  • Our goal in Universal Sutures is to offer your company the ability to expand into new markets and generate more potential inquiries. Our success depends on your success. By working with Universal Sutures you have a capable and dedicated global partner whose mission is to help you succeed.