There are several types of knots used while suturing.  It is the discretion of the surgeon to choose the type of knot which depends on the incision site and patient condition.

  • The most popular Suturing knot being in the Square knot or Surgeons Knot.
  • The suture knot should be tightened sufficiently for approximation without constricting the tissue at the wound edge and ensuring non impeding of blood flow.
  • For all nonregulated or semi-regulated overseas markets where CE is not mandatory, we can support our clients with Neutral Packing and in their brand names.
  • For the overseas markets where CE is mandatory, we can support our clients with OBL CE documentation either with our notified body or with the client nominated notified body with the Neutral Code.
  • For the Indian clients, we can support with Loan License and OBL CE if CE is required.
  • Kindly visit for more information about OEM Services

We manufacture suture needles with two grades of steel. AISI 302 and AISI 420

All our suture needles are Atraumatic needles. However, we also can support clients with Eyed Suture Needles which is Traumatic in nature.

Definition Of Atraumatic needles: A needle that doesn’t have an eye at the end and has got a drill into which the suture placed and is crimped making the needle end to match the diameter of the suture. With this type of attachment, there is no or very little trauma to the tissue while suturing makes it an Atraumatic Suture Needle.

We export our sutures to more than 50 countries which include, highly regulated like Germany, New Zealand, Romania, Poland to Semi Regulated like Iraq,  Egypt, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mauritius to non-regulated markets like Kenya, Zambia, Malawi.

The suture should be stored in a clean area under the supervision of a qualified practitioner. It should be properly stored on the racks/shelves as specified in the IFU and the room temperature should not exceed 300 C.

We specialize in manufacturing all types of Absorbable Sutures, Non-Absorbable Sutures, Non-Absorbable Polypropylene Mesh, and Bone Wax.

  • We specialize in manufacturing different types of Polypropylene Mesh with different GSM, Thickness, Pore Sizes, and Dimensions.
  • We specialize in manufacturing Atraumatic Suture Needles using AISI 420 grade and AISI 302 grade of steels.
  • New Products:  UHMWPE Suture, Antibacterial suture, Barbed suture, Cervical Circlage tape, Endoloopswith Catgut Sutures, or Polyglactin 910 Sutures.
  • For international clients, the Minimum Order Quantity is 100 Dozens. However, depending on the availability of needles in our stock, this can be discussed based on the orders.
  • For any quantities, products can be made ready for dispatch within 45 working days from the date of order confirmation. For higher quantities based on the schedules, it needs to be decided.
  • For domestic clients, we have sufficient stock of the codes that are fast-moving in the Indian market and can be shipped immediately after receiving the order.
  • For international clients, we accept Advance via Wire transfer and LC At Sight.
  • For domestic clients it is advance.

Content and the manufacturing process are what differentiates the quality of the needles. AISI 420 is a soft raw material it should be hardened to achieve the required hardness. AISI 302 being a pre-hardened steel doesn’t require hardening to be done separately and makes it the strongest suture needle in the segment. Content in both the grade of steel is mentioned as below.

  • Suture needles are basically classified by considering 3 aspects.
  • Shape or Degree of the Suture Needle.
  • Straight Needles, ¼ Circle (Quarter Circle), 3/8  Circle, ½  Circle, 5/8  Circle
  • Type of the Body Suture Needle has got.
  • Round Body Needle (Taper Point Needle), Cutting, Reverse Cutting, Taper Cut,   Trocar point, Blunt point, Spatulated.
  • Length of the Suture Needle.
  • 6 mm to 90mm.

Above mentioned suture needles are available in AISI 420 and AISI 302 Grade Stainless Steel wires. Also, we produce black needles and silicone-coated needles if the client demands.


For the International Market, we attend a few of the major exhibitions to meet clients across the table and to discuss several topics ranging from the development in the product, development in the segment, pricing, product quality, and various other topics.

We also support our clients with training manuals, samples for feedbacks, the literature on the product to discuss with the surgeons. On special demand from the client, we can depute trained personnel at the client’s place to discuss and convince the deciding authorities at the hospitals.

For the domestic market, we have a strong trained team to discuss with the surgeons to update them on the developments with our products and in the market. We also conduct several CMEs and attend exhibitions to discuss with the surgeon’s several topics ranging from the development in the product, development in the segment, pricing, product quality, and various other topics.

Synthetic Monofilament Absorbable sutures are very sensitive to heat and moisture levels. During our accelerated aging studies, the product has completed a shelf life of 5 years without any deterioration of quality or performance.

As a factor of safety considering the sensitivity of the product, we concluded the shelf life of these products as 3 years. We soon will be completing the real-time shelf-life study of these sutures. Upon successful completion, we have plans to increase the shelf life of these sutures to 5 years from 3 years.

Catgut being an animal origin product and less control over each batch of raw material we receive from the market the regulations as per MDD will not permit us to obtain CE for catgut sutures. However, each lot produced is subjected to several tests to ensure the safety of the sutures which makes our Catgut sutures one of the best-accepted sutures in the market.

An absorbable suture is the one that gets absorbed inside the body due to either by Enzymatic Action or due to Hydrolysis based on the origin of the product.

A non-absorbable suture is the one that will not get absorbed in the body. However, it is the discretion of the surgeon to choose the type of suture depending on the incision site, patient condition, and type of surgery.

Absorption of each product is mentioned in our catalog kindly go through Please visit our product page for more information.

Yes, we can supply needles with Silicone coating if the client demands.

We address the customer complaints as per our quality System Procedure as prescribed in the EN ISO 13485:2016 Clause 8.2.2 Complaint Handling. You can directly contact us.

Yes, it can use both veterinary purposes and for human usage.