Since 2016, Mr. Nandakishore L has been an integral part of Unisur Lifecare Private Limited, holding the position of Director of Finance and Operations. His educational background includes a Diploma and an MBA, illustrating a blend of technical and business management skills.

With 13 years of professional experience, Mr. Nandakishore has demonstrated his versatility by actively participating in diverse industries, such as Healthcare, Education, Charity, Alumini Associations, and Realty. His role as a Business Associate underscores his broad understanding of different sectors.

Mr. Nandakishore specializes in Finance and Cost Accounting, playing a crucial role in enhancing Unisur Lifecare Private Limited’s financial health and contributing to strategic planning. Additionally, his expertise extends to Product Design & Manufacturing within Horological Industries, emphasizing precision.

Beyond his professional commitments, Nandakishore pursues hobbies like playing chess, reading books, and watching action and sci-fi movies, portraying a well-rounded personality.

In summary, Mr. Nandakishore L’s dynamic leadership in the capacity of Director of Finance and Operations, coupled with his diverse skill set, positions him as a valuable asset to Unisur Lifecare Private Limited, significantly contributing to the company’s success across various industries. You can contact Mr. Nanda Kishore at +91 9964659111.