UNIGLYDE - A universal suture

UNIGLYDE – Braided & Coated Polyglycolic Acid is an absorbable, sterile, synthetic surgical suture, composed of homopolymers of Glycolide (100%). UNIGLYDE is also available undyed. UNIGLYDE Polyglycolic Acid Suture meets all the requirements as per United States Pharmacopeia for Absorbable Surgical suture (Synthetic)

In-house needle manufacturing provides you the better needles with optimum sharpness which finally delivers smooth riding on tissues during suturing.

Available Sizes – 2 to 6-0

Polyglycolic Acid (PGA Suture) suture is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including use in ophthalmic procedures, but not for use in cardiovascular or neurological tissues.

  • Smooth Surface provides no tissue trauma
  • Secure Knot holding capacity
  • Best suture for critical wound support
  • Provides Best tissue support even after smaller diameter
  • Hydrolytic absorption ensures no tissue reaction
  • Uterus approximation
  • Soft tissue approximation
  • N 2346, N 2421, N 2347, N 2347 VS, N 2347DA, N 2347DA/180, N 2347DA/ 160
Characteristics : Synthetic Absorbable Surgical Suture
Type : Braided
Material : 100% Polyglycolic Acid synthetic absorbable braided surgical suture
Coating : Polycaprolactone & calcium stearate
Color : Violet
Support 30 days
Absorption : Absorption takes place through hydrolysis completely in 50 – 70 days.
Strength : 75% tensile strength is retained for 14 days and 50% till 21 days.
USP Range : 4/0 – 2
Sterilization : EO (Ethylene Oxide)
Product Characteristics : Excellent tensile strength, Excellent knot tying,
Minimum tissue reaction
Packaging : In aluminium foil packages with or without needle
PNeedle Type : Round bodied, cutting edge, taper point, straight,    blunt point
MFG. LIC No : KTK/28/415/2013
OEM. LIC No : N. Code: KR/DRUGS/KTK/28/415/2013