UNILON - The Final Touch

UNILON – Monofilament Polyamide Suture is a nylon surgical suture is a non absorbable suture, sterile surgical monofilament suture composed of the long-chain aliphatic polymers Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6. UNILON Monofilament Polyamide Sutures are dyed black or green to enhance visibility in tissue.

In-house needle manufacturing provides you the better needles with optimum sharpness which finally delivers smooth riding on tissues during suturing.

Available Sizes – 2 to 6-0

Monofilament Polyamide Suture is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including use in cardiovascular, ophthalmic and neurological procedures.

  • The best material for skin approximation
  • Being a monofilament with smooth surface never support bacterial growth followed by capillary action
  • Uniform elasticity supports small movements results cosmetic effect
  • Ultra smooth surface results negligible pain
  • General Surgeons,
  • Gynaecologists,
  • Orthopaedics
  • Skin Closure
  • Hard Tissues approximation
  • Casualty stitching
  • N 3328,
  • N 3338,
  • N 3338A,
  • N 3326,
  • N 3336,
  • N 3330,
  • N 3317,
  • N 3336A,
  • N 3321,
  • S 904,
  • S 905,
  • S 906
Polyamide Suture Characteristics : Non Absorbable Surgical Suture
Polyamide Suture Type : Monofilament
Polyamide Suture Material : Polyamide
Polyamide Suture Color : Black
Polyamide Suture Absorption : Non absorbable
Polyamide Suture USP Range : 6/0 – 2
Polyamide Suture Sterilization : EO (Ethylene Oxide)
Polyamide Suture Product Characteristics : Excellent tensile strength, Excellent knot tying, Minimum tissue reaction
Polyamide Suture Packaging : In food grade folder packed in a medical grade pouch, with or without needle
MFG. LIC No : KTK/28/415/2013