Polyethylene Suture (UHMWPE)

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Suture (UHMWPE)

Non-Absorbable surgical Suture U.S.P (Sterilized Surgical Needled Suture)

Polyethylene suture (UHMWPE ) is an ultra-high molecular weight non-absorbable braided sterile surgical suture prepared from the fibers of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. It is available in White and Blue, white and green, white and black combination and in white color.

In house needle manufacturing provides better needles with optimum sharpness which finally delivers smooth riding on tissues during suturing.


UHMWPE Sutures are used for permanent, removable fixtures, cardiovascular surgery and orthopedic procedures. Polyethylene sutures have no tissue reaction. Unistrong is neither absorbed nor subjected to weakening by tissue enzymes. It as low friction and chemical resistance.

  • Properties: Good knot security, excellent tensile strength for reliability, excellent handling and long lasting, low friction.
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CharacteristicsNon-absorbable Surgical Suture
ColorWhite-Blue, White-Black, White-Green and White
USP Range5-0 – 5
SterilizationEO (Ethylene Oxide)
Shelf Life5 Years
PackagingIn food grade folder packed in medical grade pouches with or without needle.
Product CharacteristicsExcellent tensile strength, Excellent knot tying, Excellent handling.
Suture PackagingPacked in 12’s/24’s/36’s pieces per box as per the requirement.
Suture Needle TypeRound bodied, cutting edge, taper point, straight, Reverse Cutting, Spatula.
MFG. LIC NoMFG/MD/2020/000109