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UNISYNTH PDS – Monofilament Polydioxanone Suture  is prepared from the polyester, poly (p-dioxanone).

In-house needle manufacturing provides you the better needles with optimum sharpness which finally delivers smooth riding on tissues during suturing.

Available Sizes – 2 to 4-0

Two important characteristics describe the in vivo performance of absorbable sutures first tensile strength retention and second the absorption rate (loss of mass). UNISYNTH PDS synthetic absorbable suture has been formulated to minimize the variability of these characteristics and to provide wound support through an extended healing period.

  • Where Delayed Wound Support required
  • Surface as smooth as tissues; provides no tissue drag during suturing
  • Geriatric Surgeries
  • Surgeries on Obese Patient
  • Surgeries on Diabetic Patient
  • Oncology Patients
  • Surgeries on Patients have delayed healing strength
  • Joint muscles approximation
  • Hard tissue approximation
  • Gluteus Maximus approximation
  • UNISYNTH PDS – Only hope of wound support during muscle movement
  • N 9262 Loop,
  • N 9352,
  • N 9133,
  • N 9132,
  • N 9221
Suture Characteristics : Synthetic Absorbable Surgical Suture
Type : Monofilament
Material : Polyester, poly-p-dioxanone
Coating :
Color : Violet
Wound Support 50 days
Absorption : Absorption takes place through hydrolysis completely in 180 days.
Tensile Strength : 50% tensile strength is retained for 30 days.
USP Range : 4/0 – 2
Sterilization : EO (Ethylene Oxide)
Product Characteristics : Excellent tensile strength, Excellent knot tying, Minimum tissue reaction
Packaging : In aluminium foil packages with or without needle
Needle Type : Round bodied, cutting edge, taper point, straight,    blunt point
MFG. LIC No : KTK/28/415/2013